Visit Santa's Christmas Cabin in Levi

Santa Claus and the Magic of Christmas!

Santa Claus is one of the most famous persons in the world. Santa Claus loves every single child and

adult, all kind of animals and Santa Claus shares good will, love and joy to all people in the world.

Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa live in Korvatunturi but they have very nice and

comfortable Christmas Cabin in Levi!

Welcome to join us to have a visit in Santa's Winter Wonderland.

There are shining lanterns in the way to Santa's Secret Cabin.

We'll have a guiding tour in Santa's world and we'll see Elf School and Elves Work Shop and

we'll also have a short visit to Elves House.

Finally we'll go inside to Santa's Christmas Cabin and there we'll meet Santa Claus and Mrs Santa.

Mrs Santa is telling us some Christmas stories and she'll also serve us warm

Christmas drinks and ginger biscuits that she has made by herself.

At last we are lucky to shake Santa's hand and say hello to this gentle man who loves every single child

in the world. Santa is going to give a small Christmas present for all good children.

Availability 25.11.2018 - 6.1.2019

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A Day in Santa's Christmas Cabin!